Alyssa Ryals – Sports Professional

About Me

I am an enthusiastic college student in Birmingham, Alabama. I have started the Sports Business Club on campus and maintain involvemvent in several other communities. I diligently hold a schedule of classes, work, and social activities.

My Expertise

I have gained three specific skills from my five sports jobs. Take a look at this graphic to see what skills I have been learning in these positions.

  • Sports Marketing 80% 80%
  • Data Analytics 40% 40%
  • Sports Production 60% 60%

My Story

I am a passionate college student with a background in many different sports and a desire to understand how these sports are organized and produced for an audience.   That’s why I joined the Sports Marketing Program at Samford University.  My goal is to work for a College or Professional Sports team and provide marketing or production services.

Fun Facts

Sports Played

Club Involvement

Instruments Played

Theater Performances



volleyball socon championship


Outstanding New Student Organization


World Games Van Wagner Award


Digital Marketing Certification

Hubspot Academy (2023)

Social Media Certification

Hubspot Academy (2024)

Get In Touch

I am a passionate college student who would love to meet you and learn your story. Reach out so we can connect!

Sports Professional

Alyssa Ryals