Work & Experience

Alyssa handles herself with great professionalism and knows how to stay calm under pressure in a constantly shifting environment.  She is able to foster relationships with staff, fans, and others to create an engaging and creative environment for Squadron home games

– Samantha Beck

Elevator Pitch

This short clip will explain some of my experience and passions.  The transitions between rolls have played an influential part in who I am and where I am going. I hope that I can create a meaningful environment for families and friends to attend the sporting events I produce.

Full Resume

Birmingham Squadron


I am the Game Day Experience and Community Outreach Coordinator. I write scripts and supporting documents for our game night staff.

Samford Volleyball


I am the lead Data Analyst and Technical Coordinator. I collect data from practices and games that are reported to athletes, coaches, and supporting staff.

Zoom Motorsports


I had the privledge of assisting on a marketing research team for the Indy Grand Prix of Alabama. We rebranded the race and collected valuable research at the event.

Van Wagner Productions


I graduated a six week course as top student. After completion of the course, I was placced as the assoiciate venue producer of Birminghma Crossplex events.

United States Football League


Birmingham, AL hosted the inaugural season of the USFL, and I joined the hype team to engage and excite the crowd on game day. This was a great kickstart to my career.

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I am a passionate college student who would love to meet you and learn your story. Reach out so we can connect!

Sports Professional

Alyssa Ryals